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Acting the Part

You may have seen some of these photos of N on our Facebook page, but we had to share them here too. He has a knack for creating gritty movie scenes and people love it. Thing is, we're still mostly getting requests for traditional portrait. So our question to you is, are you game for some dramatic fun? We're booking holiday sessions right now. A la carte packages include up to four "costume" changes, styling, lighting and multiple locations plus all rights and usage. It would be the ultimate present. Contact us for all the details.

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Jim Henson, Muppetry and An Unyielding Obsession

This past weekend N surprised me by hooking up a Detroit errand with an event at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Heather Henson, daughter of the late, great Jim Henson was putting on a performance with her troupe Ibex Puppetry called Celebration of Flight. Not only was I completely floored that he found out about this fantastic opportunity before I did, I was elated to see some artistry and performance at work.

I don't remember a time in my life that The Muppets were not around. Prior to their "comeback" in last year's The Muppets, I was still clamoring for Animal and singing the theme song. (Some say there's even a Halloween photo where I wear a pig snout and N's face is painted green...) Something as genius as what Jim Henson started in the '60s would always have a place in my heart, even if it wasn't reaching further than Grover watchers out there via Sesame Street.

We saw Jim Henson's Fantastic World, a retrospective exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in 2009 which included early sketches for animations, silkscreen posters he did in college and even key design elements from The Dark Crystal. This was, of course, all dwarfed in comparison to the Kermit which we were introduced to within the first ten feet of the exhibit. It was magical.

Needless to say, I was enamored by the motion, fluidity and realness of the birds and forms created by the puppet group. It was a hot day but the strong breeze made for a beautiful back drop as we watched the performers manipulate kites, bird forms and weave among one another with ease.

My path in art has meandered but never strayed far from appreciation of great artistry and concepts. Jim Henson's legacy and its ability to make us believe is what continues to inspire me.

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Fashion Forward: Tribehaus Clothing

We love meeting other creative professionals and owner of Tribehause Clothing, Anna Bagozzi is the epitome of fashion and drive. With a loyal following on Facebook and a store launching online this Fall (we'll announce the big day when it comes!), we were thrilled to be a part of the process.

Anna chooses her inventory of clothing and accessories personally and relishes in choosing not only the latest trends but classic looks too. Our first collaboration was with her gorgeous variety of jewelry including the popular line Chan Luu along with other great pieces which will be featured on her site. Anna has great vision and it totally aligns with our aesthetic. See what exciting things she's up to and check back for more from Tribehaus soon!



Our New Friends with a Great Cause: Skylark and King

We were so excited to meet Nick Zagar, one of the owners of Skylark and King (along with brother Michael Freedman) for a few reasons. Not only are their "larks", multi-sized shorts really fashion forward, they're behind a great cause. Every time you purchase a product from them, portions of the sale go toward funding clean water and sanitation solutions through the organization Water for People.

See our photos of their latest endeavor, kids' larks below. *Aren't they incredible?* We'll keep you posted on when you can get these adorable, adjustable and totally necessary wardrobe items. You can learn more about this amazing company and their ideology to help people gain access to water here.



A Milestone for Chin-Azzaro, Personally-speaking

Yesterday we didn't take any appointments. Instead, we hid out from the world a bit to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. Not only do we have the privilege of working together, we're partners in life, sparring about all the little things that matter. For most couples gifts and dinner are in order. We like to take it an extra step and document things in style. For every marketing plan I want to implement, N has a campaign concept.

For every advertising placement, N has an accompanying image.

When we think of how far we've come...'s exciting to rediscover the place we met.

For better or worse, when you call on us, you get a package deal. Our innovation, all preconceived notions cast aside, our vision.

It's worked well for us so far.



Edward: A Working Man

Our great friend Ed is full of personality. When he asked to have a new professional head shot taken, we jumped at the chance to shoot him in his element: jacket, button up and a whole lot of panache.

Pretty dapper, wouldn't you say? So we veered a bit from the typical corporate shots but we got those too. If you need professional photos and aren't afraid to laugh and kick back, give us a holler.



Mother of all Contests: Photo Narrative Giveaway

We're doing something that we haven't seen before and it's huge.  From now until noon on March 6th, 2012, you can enter to win a professional photo shoot with the one and only Nick Azzaro (well, actually we know of at least two others...) but this is the only one we know of that shoots incredible photos. His style is dark, dramatic and full of surprises. This is not an ordinary, "say cheese" kind of shoot. Think storytelling, original and dangerous.

The Photo Narrative Giveaway* is easy to enter. Simply email us, go to our Facebook page (and like us) or Twitter page (and follow us) and answer the question, "Who's your favorite photographer and why?" No matter how brilliant your answer, we're still going to keep it fair and choose three winners by random on March 6th. We'll let you know who won that evening and those lucky people win a one hour photo session shoot along with three digital images that they can do what ever they want 'em! Full details and rules can be found on our website. Good luck!

*Sorry folks, you must travel to Ann Arbor for the shoot.



Guitar and gas mask and zombie, oh my! On the set: Riley and Erica

Today's post is crazy special.

Riley's birthday present from his mom, Erica, was a rocker themed photo shoot with us. Since we wanted the full effect of a video with endless white, we opted to shoot at Photo Studio Group (thanks, Ben)!! At first things started off a bit traditional. Riley was getting warmed up with is guitar and amp. (He's been playing since he was five)!

There were some outfit changes.

And then there was the gas mask.

And gorgeous Mom stepping in for a few unforgettable ones.

But nothing topped the corpse head. Until...

...the zombie showed up.

What we enjoyed the most on this shoot was the artistic freedom and trust that Erica and Riley put in us. They went on this fantastic ride with us and allowed N to do what he does best -- play. Getting the lighting right, the props to work (there just happened to be a zombie shoot going on next door, no joke) and the models to cooperate are all factors that can make or break the day. N can take the traditional photos but then he wants to move on to the actual photo shoot, the shots that come after the sit-pretty ones are done. We were so lucky to have a photogenic and polite kid like Riley step up and get into character. That's what makes us love our job even more. Thanks, Tom Ulch for letting us borrow your zombie. Thank you, Erica and Riley for being rock stars!

If you're looking for something outside-the-box, dramatic, a la Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair, that's what we're here for. Rock on.