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The Wurst Challenge 2015

Just a couple blocks from the studio is this incredible organization called FLY Children's Art Center. And it's just like it sounds. It's a place for kids and families to let their imaginations take flight, possibilities are endless with courses in drawing, painting, theater, costumery, robotics and we're so lucky to count them as creative neighbors. 

One of their big annual fundraisers is The Wurst Challenge at The Wurst Bar, where contenders raise funds, eat LOTS of delicious sausages while dressed up in their best garb and make a name for themselves. You really can't go wrong when the thread for the event is #20feetofmeat. Yep.

Here are just a few of the momentous highlights of last night's event. 



Detroit Connections: Super Heroes

Nick's been working with elementary students in one of Detroit's public schools as a Detroit Connections artist-in-residence. Once a week, he goes in to talk to them about creating imagery, writing about their community and then takes photos of the kids acting out their super hero dreams.

He's featured on the Stamps School of Art & Design's tumblr page. Check it out!



Art Around Town: A New Social Enterprise Changing the Face of Art Education in Local Schools

Nick and I have been working on something exciting with The B. Side, a program within the Office of Academic Service-Learning at Eastern Michigan University for a few months and the news was announced in local media today. Art Around Town is a new social enterprise that provides supplies for students to create art products.

We help them learn the consigning and art retail process, exhibit the work, sell it—raising funds to buy more art supplies and give them choices on how to spend the money whether it be field trips, guest speakers...anything is possible. Nick's been capturing the art pieces for their auction catalog and website and I've been consulting and working on marketing, brand and publicity.

The full article can be found here in Ypsilanti Courier and we've included a few photos of student work below. In May, a series of events will celebrate the launch of student work being sold in a retail setting at Riverside Arts Center as well as online. 

May 2nd is First Fridays in downtown Ypsilanti and an opening to the public will coincide. 

May 3rd is the Auction and some of the best pieces will be available for bidding. 


We already have our eyes on some incredible paintings and drawings and we urge everyone, whether you're an avid collector or have never bought a piece, to come out and support this incredible program. See you in May!

If you're an artist looking for creative publicity, we handle all aspects of art marketing, branding and press releases. Email Yen here

Press + media: There is a private event on Thursday, May 1st with photo opportunities where we will highlight student artists. For more information or images, please contact us




"Good Banana, Bad Banana"

A couple months ago I was approached to document a project happening at Washtenaw International Middle Academy in Ypsilanti, Michigan. A passionate and gregarious group of kids had been tapped to create a game as part of the NASA/US Department of Education STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Challenge Pilot for astronauts to play in space. Yes, that kind of space.  


The kids' initial idea was to include a limited set of objects the astronauts have access to during their travels. One of them is a banana. Thus, the idea of "Good Banana, Bad Banana" was born. With a couple tosses of fruit, creative velcro use and ripped t-shirts, they created an ingenious and engaging game to be played in zero gravity. The game was videotaped (see the video here) and I took photos of the process.


There were definitely challenges along the way...


But as you may have guessed by now, Team Spaced Out won their division! 


I was there to watch the kids speak to an impressive panel from NASA and the US Department of Education yesterday via teleconference (along with students from the three other schools that had also won in their respective divisions). I couldn't be more proud of the kids and the staff that nurture and help them to execute their ideas. Congratulations to everyone!




Our Favorite Art Books [for Babies]

Diapers and clothing definitely came in handy but some of the most rousing gifts we received when we had the baby were books. And now that he's old enough to flip through the pages, (and not just munch on the corner although he still does that), his favorite by far is the Pantone: Colors book. It introduces just a few of the color swatches that this company researches, forecasts and produces products in. 

He'll sit and stare at all the shapes and colors for  minutes -  quite a feat for a 10 month old.

He'll sit and stare at all the shapes and colors for minutes - quite a feat for a 10 month old.

Art for Baby board book is filled with black and white images from contemporary artists. From shapes to faces to representative art, each page is full of contrast to keep babies curious. There's also a wonderful set of friezes in the back of the book, twelve panels to put up around the nursery of the same renderings of works by Takashi Murakami, Josef Albers, Bridget Riley and more. 

Recently when we were at the library, we discovered that they've made a second version of this book full of faces for baby to stare at and learn - so important for their development.

Based on the studies and invention of the motion picture machine called a zoopraxiscope, Eadweard Muybridge is given credit in the children's book Gallop, an engaging collection of animals that trot, swing and hop across the page as you turn it. I just saw that there's a Santa one too - a great gift for the holidays. 

What are your favorite children's books?


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Playtime: Old School with Mario + Luigi

Press 'play' on the video below. [youtube]

There. Now you have the perfect soundtrack for today's post.

Over the weekend we headed over to Photo Studio Group to photograph a pair of cousins. But it wasn't just your typical session. They wanted to play dress up...

Pretty darn adorable, don't you think?

There was a bit of vying for the Mario costume.

But sometimes a little competition is healthy.

To have your child photographed in costume, shoot us an email or call 734-929-2498

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Good Times for a Good Cause: 826 Michigan's Annual Storymakers Dinner

Last night N photographed the 4th Annual Storymakers Dinner for 826 Michigan at Zingerman's Roadhouse. He shot the event last year and jumped at the chance to do it again. It's a really fun, laid back evening celebrating the literary accomplishments of students and the adults that help them. If you're not familiar with 826, you can check out their website here. This is their intro paragraph on the site:

826michigan is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students aged 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. 826 opened its doors in June of 2005. Since then, we have been blessed with students, tutors, and volunteers overflowing with enthusiasm.

We couldn't be happier to work with such a vital asset in our community. Last night's special guests included National Book Critics Circle Award recipient Deb Olin Unferth and former 826 student Saif Ghanem, whose essay "The Story of My Life" was included in the 826 National publication Be Honest, And Other Advice from Students Around the Country. 

If you're looking for an incredibly worthwhile organization to donate, volunteer or just learn more about, we urge you to find out more about 826 and visit The Robot Supply & Repair at 115 E. Liberty St. in Ann Arbor. Proceeds from sales of awesome robot goodies directly fund their literacy, tutoring and publishing programming. Can you tell we just love this place??

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Happy Announcement : Baby Sessions

We couldn't help it. Once we started taking photos of our own, we decided that photographing other people's babies would probably make them just as happy as we are. So we want to spread the cheer of the non-traditional portrait. Check out our new Baby Session below. We're looking to take baby and children's photos to a whole new level. 000_3776


April 5 2013B000_3777

Here's the small print: Our wee one is still very young so we had to hold his neck up. It's up to you as parents if you want to have your hands in there for neck control. We also leave it to you to corral Baby but we work with you to ensure we get the best photos possible in one hour. Photo session includes travel in Ann Arbor, a fee is added for anywhere outside city limits. Additional friends and siblings are welcome but we'll need to charge a little more for lighting. Please allot for an additional 30 minutes for set up and break down of equipment, which is included in the cost. If you choose to have your session in our studio, there are lots more options. We send you all the usable images and you choose 5, which we then retouch and process and send back to you in high resolution quality to use for what ever you please. Let us know if you have any questions - 734-929-2498 or We can't wait to meet you!