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Work = live = play = work

The other night we watched the PBS documentary Charles and Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter and so much of their experience rang true for us. We're collaborative partners on projects, the biggest promoters of each other's work, understanding the other's needs, sometimes better than our own. It's refreshing to someone else there when we can't step back and look at the bigger picture while creating work. It's like a constant, built-in "crit" environment. Each of us scurries away to our respective work stations on a daily basis but ultimately, it's our synergy as a pair that yields the best results. Our choice of tools have changed slightly over the years; mouse for me, DSLR for him, but we still feel compelled to produce. And because we work, live and entertain at home, our space has to be engaging and inspiring in so many ways. It's malleable to our needs and our hours. Did you know that we can do consultations in our home too? Chin-Azzaro is very much our "home-studio."

To me, being an artist and a consultant of creative things, there's no delineation between what is work and what is home. Our debates and banter of back-and-forth are oftentimes about a movement of art, an exhibit we saw or the latest trend in ________.  Sometimes the anxiety of starting a new sketch or a marketing idea jumps into mind and I can't sleep until I create it. But I never feel the "stresses of work" or want to leave it behind. To me, there are no limits and our lines are blurred all day long. I love it.

Where does work end and home begin for you?


Image: Eames, Library of Congress