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The cat's out of the box.

Ever dream of making your cat happier than kid in a candy store? Me either. But I was interested in making something we could both enjoy. It begins with a box. Then gather some simple supplies, like an exacto, a ruler, Mod Podge, a Sharpie and TV.

Then round up some *old comic books (old as in the '90s and preferably wimpy characters like the Avengers, Fantastic Four or Silver Surfer).

The next steps are simple: remodel the box as you wish and begin gluing only the finest pages of the comics to the surface of the box.

Finally, make certain there's plenty of litter in the litter box because your cat is going to plutz! PRESTO! A new bed that your cat AND your guests will find astonishing.

Bonus points if one of the comic pages illustrates former President Bush Sr. with Arab sheiks shaking hands with a d-bag.