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Paradise Valley

"Paradise Valley was the business district and entertainment center of a densely populated African-American residential area in Detroit, known as Black Bottom, from the 1920’s through the 1950’s." -Shelley Griffith, from the Encyclopedia of Detroit.

Paradise Valley is also the name of the photo comic I created that's based on the social climate of World War II Detroit. It follows a factory worker, Mayjor Tom, and the day to day struggles he faces as a minority in a world dominated by appearance and greed. The comic first appeared at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids and was printed larger than life. Each page was 3' x 5' and suspended from a 7' tall structure made from plumbing pipe.  

Since ArtPrize the comic's been printed in two different hand held sizes and the story has undergone some changes. It's shown in several other shows, including a group show at Governor State University. 

One of the pages from Paradise Valley is included in the upcoming show Time, put on by the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography. Time opens this Saturday, July 13, at the Museum of New Art in Pontiac.