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Bright Lights, Big City: Tips for the Artist Making the Move

Moving to the City has been a popular topic around here lately. I just met with a student a couple days ago pondering whether to move to NYC, Chicago or stay put. And our friend and artist Bernadette Witzak* just moved to Chicago last week. We're really excited for our friends in this position because after finishing a degree, moving to the City seems like the next logical step for any creative person. Nick and I did it ten years ago.

We landed in Chicago with no jobs, a couple personal connections and separate studio apartments in the same building overlooking the Lake. Fast forward seven years and we both had successful careers in the fields we went to school for, we were married, and living in a mid-rise apartment in Wicker Park. It wasn't always a direct route, but our path to finding the jobs we did were ultimately a lot of luck and even more elbow grease. Here are a few basic things to keep in mind as an artist/designer/photographer/curator/creative hopeful when you're making the jump from school and/or smaller town to career and/or big city.


*Bernadette, being the catch that she is, started in Exhibitions at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Congrats!