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10 Terms that Should Be Banned From Art School Critiques | Print Out Poster*

Today's post is for all the art students out there. As an art student, I spent a lot of time in critiques, or what we called "crits". My non art major friends couldn't understand how I could be in class for six hours, three days a week and still have another studio class in the evenings. A lot of it was work time but toward the end of any assignment or quarter, we had to sharpen our arsenal of vocabulary and artist references to sound witty in front of our peers. At best we would ignite discussion. At worst people would sleep.

There were the crit virgins that would say, "I really like the shade of blue you used, it works really well in contrast with the background," to which some professors would really nail them to the wall. You couldn't just "like" something and slink away. You had to really challenge the creator and question why he or she made the decisions they did. Which brings us to the insufferable ones that absolutely relished in waving their art school card in the air. They frivolously used every art crit keyword possible and they made each minute feel like an eternity (insert eye rolls here). For all of you that are still suffering through this hardship, I've created a list of lingo that should never be uttered in crit ever again. It'd make a great gift for an art student or maybe it'd just be a fun drinking game (not during class, of course).

*Feel free to print but please be respectful of usage. Thanks!