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We've Come This Far: Writing Your Curriculum Vitae

Happy 2012! We hope you had as much fun as we did ringing in the New Year. New beginnings means getting things organized. I've been thinking about all the exhibits I've worked on over the years and have started to lose grip on what took place when. It's high time I put some effort into a curriculum vitae*. You might be thinking, I have an artist's resume. Isn't that good enough? Sorry, the truth is that a CV is much more expansive and detailed than it's cousin and you'll probably be asked for it some time in your creative career path whether it's for a job application, art contest or grad school. If you're considering a job at a museum, auction house or even gallery, you may be asked for one. Not only does it include general education and exhibits you've taken part in, they also want to know academic extracurriculars, what you've published, and whether you floss every night. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • If they want references, don't do the "References upon request" bit like I did, just include them in the cv
  • Travel is important for letting your potential employers know that you're adaptable and independent
  • Don't fib on your cv, they may ask you to speak French during the interview and if you don't, then - know.

Email us questions if you got 'em. Good luck!

*For the sake of privacy, I've omitted some important information you would normally include in a cv. 'Tis a shame if you were to steal my identity!