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The Elbow and Progress Room

I recently met a very energetic, young Ypsilanti business owner. Andrew Epstein is the man converting the old Elbow Room on South Washington Street into something amazing. And he gave me a sneak peek at it's current state.

The view across the street is spectacular!

Remnants of a past life are scattered throughout. Some good...

And others up for debate.

The upstairs will be live spaces. Despite neglect from previous owners and fire damage, some of the original work remains intact.

And don't get me started on the character and detail!

There's no doubt there's much work to be done, but Andrew's the guy to do it. And there's a supportive community behind him. There are two things I'm certain of: you and I will enjoy a drink at the bar here this year...

And this couch is epic.



Moved In, Jumping In, Upcoming Events

Wow. We just ended the second day in the studio and we are just dumbfounded by the support and love we've felt from the community and our friends. It's incredible. 

Some of the highlights so far include:

  • Watching people look in the window and turn away, running away quickly when we offer to show them around. 
  • Our awesome landlord, Hedger stopped by and told us he really likes our style. We like your style too, Hedger.
  • Friends popped in and had their portraits taken. 
  • We finally got a tablecloth for the dressing room/kitchen area and cleaned off all the doodads that were hanging out there. And Nick installed a wavy mirror.

And over the last couple days we also agreed to the following events.

We brainstormed last night to participate in our first Small Business Saturday but more specifically #ShopYpsi on Saturday, Nov. 29th to offer $10 portraits to families. We'll blame this on sleep deprivation, yes.

Nick believes that every family deserves a professional holiday portrait and he loves working with kids. 

First Fridays Ypsi is a fun-filled evening with sales and special events and exhibits all around town. We'll participate at our first one on Friday, Dec. 5th with prints from Art Around Town.

We're partnering with Art Around Town again for the Winter Auction, which I'll be auctioneering on Saturday, Dec. 13th from 6-9 pm. (It's the same day at Tiny Expo but we're happy to miss it  to support Ypsi public school arts). 

It's a lot of dates and logistics but this is truly what we've been working toward all these years. The furniture in the waiting area (which we had been hoarding and keeping in the storage unit) proves it. 

We hope that you'll stop in and visit us any time. We're so excited to be a part of the growing Ypsi community and taking the world by storm.