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Free Valentine's Day template for the Kids (and the kids at heart)

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day now or not, I think most of us remembers the excitement of receiving a valentine from your crush. I was more excited about the Smarties, but that's just me. Here's an original Valentine's template for the kids to color, cut out and pass out. You can also use them year-round as gift tags. Enjoy!

Instructions for printing:

1. Click on the image below to blow up to correct size.

2. Feed paper into your printer (I suggest card stock for the best results)

3. Print as many as you please.

4. Have the kids color, cut them out and add names. (I would suggest just cutting a heart out, don't try to cut around every ruffled circle)!

5. Tape candy to the back and you're ready to hand them out!

1 Comment