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Giving Thanks

Tomorrow on Thanksgiving, Chin-Azzaro will officially mark the company's one month anniversary. It seems like much longer because we've met so many incredible people. We want to thank: The talented art conservator, Celina at The Art Conservation Laboratory of Michigan, for your encouragement and partnership.

All the talented and friendly framer's we've met: Randy at Parrish, Becky at Format, Scott at Pictures Plus.

And a special thank you to Marsana and Loretta at Jordan Lovell Picture Framing for the wonderful and informative visit.

Adrienne and all the talented artists at WSG Gallery for your warm welcome.

Mary at Found Gallery for sharing your time and expertise. We can't wait to see what you have in store for December!

Ben at Photo Studio Group for taking the time to show us around the incredible space - what a resource unlike any other.

Sadashi and Melanie for being such gracious hosts and encouraging friends.

Meghan Reynard for creating such an inspiring piece at the A&D All Student Exhibit. We're still talking about it.

Betty, John, Kate, Ed - we can't thank you enough for the support and people you keep sending our way!

To the Maskells, our dinner together gave us hope that we'll make it happen too. Thank you for believing in us.

DuWaine and the entire committee, for giving us a reason to conversate about art and all that goes with it.

826Michigan for their delightful and inspiring evening of children and adult writers working together to build a vision.

Three Chairs Co. for their wall space and collaboration.

Insanely-talented Anne-Marie at Genui Forma for your continued and unwavering love and support.

Susan at The Arts Alliance for the wonderful coffee meetings and exchange of ideas.

Our new (old) friend Ebru at Ayse's Cafe for your willing ear and enthusiastic outlook on life!

Lastly, we wouldn't be able to do what we do if we didn't have the support of our amazing friends, family and the new clients and friends we've met in the last month. You're a constant source of inspiration to us and we can't wait to share more of our crazy ideas with you. We wish everyone a very safe, healthy and Happy Thanksgiving with full bellies and many laughs. Cheers, everyone! See you Friday.

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