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"Just Shoot it on White"

We had always gotten a good amount of requests for a "white background" but lately even more so. It's certainly not easier to achieve than an environmental background. On the contrary, it takes a lot of effort and expertise. (Try to take a photo with your phone or point and shoot and achieve a perfectly white background indoors with no graininess).

Nick's a magician when it comes to getting a seamless white result because he puts a lot into the pre-production, and not so much in post. Minus a little adjustment here and there and an overall cleaning of any "dust", he does little cutting out in Photoshop. What you see is pretty much what was there. He does after all, carry an arsenal of tools and secrets with him — everything from glass panes, black aluminum foil, white boards, rolls of paper, and more.

It's not so glamorous or pretty when you pull back.

But he knows how to get the job done.*

There are various levels of "white" so we always ask if you want a shadow, a gradation, or pure stark white.

If you're looking for a product, food or portrait shoot, give us a call (734-929-2498) or email and we'd love to talk to you about the (endless) possibilities. 

*Products are screenshots and do not show the quality of original digital photos.