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Field Trip: George Nelson at Cranbrook Art Museum

N and I visited Cranbrook Art Museum today to catch George Nelson: Architect | Writer | Designer | Teacher before it closes on the 14th. Since we're quite the hoarders collectors ourselves, we love to see exhibits that highlight a major crossroad in object and furniture design. As the head designer at Herman Miller for over twenty-five years (1945-1972), Nelson not only molded the aesthetic ideology of their mid-century products, he made his clients see the importance of comprehensive branding through campaigns and visual materials.

My favorite part of the exhibit was the wall of clocks Nelson produced in collaboration with Howard Miller Clock Company. Both companies were based out of Zeeland, Michigan, making their partnership a natural fit with architectural forms and colorful materials ranging from plastic to wood.

If you have the opportunity to, I highly recommend seeing this exhibit before it closes this weekend. Or, just touring the grounds of Cranbrook and seeing the historic collection of buildings designed by Albert Kahn and Eliel Saarinen. Every turn is filled with sculpture, landscaping and artistry.