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Serving up Magic Water at the (espresso) bar

When we heard about the (espresso) bar's new website, we were excited to capture the photos. With its laid back atmosphere (the lower level of a house steps from Kerrytown and Farmers Market) and simple, yet fundamental menu choices, it's one of our favorite places to relax and enjoy an espresso.

Sandy, the owner, goes out of his way to offer each customer an authentic experience with immediate water as you sit down and drinks, like filter coffee or hot tea, brought to your table. 

Some drinks, like the latte and cortado, are as enjoyable to look at as they are to drink.

Of course there's always espresso. The one below is from a coffee from El Salvador called El Borbollon, located near the Santa Ana volcano. It's 100% Red Bourbon variety.

Drinks are available to-go as well AND you have your choice of paper or glass - genius!

Lastly, if you're a die hard summer person who's not frightened by a few very early fall-like days then the iced coffee and iced tea are for you.

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First Date Jitters: Engagement Photos at The (Espresso) Bar

My sister Alice just got engaged to her beau John and we couldn't be happier, especially since they decided to have their engagement photos taken at one of the most authentic and delicious spots for coffee in town (their first date was here), the (espresso) bar. As it happens, coffee is good for you and the owner, Sandy, is the kind of person that remembers your drink even after a pregnancy hiatus.*

N got to catch some great shots of the couple in the well-appropriated space as well as enjoy some beautifully-crafted drinks.

Thank you, Sandy and the (espresso) bar staff for letting us take over your space. Check back for more photos from their new brunch menu soon. And Like them on Facebook for yummy updates everyday!

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*Their affogato is crazy good.



Crafted Caffeine: The Espresso Bar

We had the pleasure of meeting Sandy and Foster, the owners of a new local espresso bar, aptly named The Espresso Bar, in the last couple days. My first experience there was a heavenly affogato, a delicious espresso topped with a dallop of Zingerman's gelato. But all of their drinks are carefully crafted with keen attention to the details. There's no rushing the experience here. And believe us, you wouldn't want to.

From the deliberate temperature of the steamed milk (if done properly, it lends a sweetness with no need for sugar) to the thoughtful designs of the froth, a visit to The Espresso Bar is to be savored.

If you're at Kerrytown, cross the street over to Braun Court and treat yourself. Thank you, Sandy and Foster. We'll be back soon!