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Dylan Day

Dylan is our nephew. He's also one of the best subjects to photograph. Begin with a bright sunny day, add a football and some snacks, and we've got a photo shoot. The conditions were perfect. I was able to play with depth of field, wide and zoomed lens settings, and even subject position within the image. It was a good day.

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Guitar and gas mask and zombie, oh my! On the set: Riley and Erica

Today's post is crazy special.

Riley's birthday present from his mom, Erica, was a rocker themed photo shoot with us. Since we wanted the full effect of a video with endless white, we opted to shoot at Photo Studio Group (thanks, Ben)!! At first things started off a bit traditional. Riley was getting warmed up with is guitar and amp. (He's been playing since he was five)!

There were some outfit changes.

And then there was the gas mask.

And gorgeous Mom stepping in for a few unforgettable ones.

But nothing topped the corpse head. Until...

...the zombie showed up.

What we enjoyed the most on this shoot was the artistic freedom and trust that Erica and Riley put in us. They went on this fantastic ride with us and allowed N to do what he does best -- play. Getting the lighting right, the props to work (there just happened to be a zombie shoot going on next door, no joke) and the models to cooperate are all factors that can make or break the day. N can take the traditional photos but then he wants to move on to the actual photo shoot, the shots that come after the sit-pretty ones are done. We were so lucky to have a photogenic and polite kid like Riley step up and get into character. That's what makes us love our job even more. Thanks, Tom Ulch for letting us borrow your zombie. Thank you, Erica and Riley for being rock stars!

If you're looking for something outside-the-box, dramatic, a la Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair, that's what we're here for. Rock on.