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Photography Challenge at The Learning Studio: Graphic Recording

I had been wanting to experiment with various mediums including paper type and markers (I found out Sharpie paint markers are not as brilliant as I'd hoped). And, I was itching to do an illustration for myself, to market my skills and have differentiating photos on social media. But then I thought about how flat my photos of the recordings can be sometimes. I wanted fresh eyes on how to approach photographing the work. A-ha! I know where to find emerging photographers!

Nick's classroom at Ypsilanti Community High School is also known as The Learning Studio, an experimental commercial photography studio where students in grades 9-12 learn technical and conceptual photography skills. Being in its first year, Nick and the students have made some impressive progress (including two of his students, Davinique Powell and Jenae Gonzalez, winning Best Photo at the recent Potential Art Exhibit at the teen center, Neutral Zone!)  

The Learning Studio Ypsilanti.JPG

I introduced the following challenge to the students over two days: to create a cohesive marketing photo campaign of 3-5 images of the following graphic recording using any method of lighting and including any props or people they chose. The only other criteria being judged was teamwork. The latter proved to be more challenging for larger classes, understandably, but I was utterly impressed by the initiative and knowledge of many students in each and every class. The winning class receives full credit for the photos on social media, mention in an upcoming lifestyle blog I'm being interviewed for and choice of a pizza or donut party, which is, of course, where I heard the "yeaaaahhh"s and excitement.

Detroit graphic recorder Yen Azzaro

All the classes had phenomenal ideas and some had more innovative concepts, but in terms of sound photography and extraordinary teamwork skills...

graphic recording Michigan.jpeg

I'm psyched to announce the winning class is 3rd hour (B)!!! They not only brainstormed before jumping into the work, they collectively came up with the most variety of images and made sure everyone was involved in some aspect of the process. Congratulations, Ana, Abbie, Britney, Britthani, Gabe, Jonatan, Lynda, Marcus, Owen, and Rochelle!

Graphic recorder Ypsilanti.jpeg

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Graphic Recording for the Ford Culture Hackathon

I had the extreme pleasure of graphic recording at Ford Motor Company's World Headquarters over the last two days. It was one of the most fun and energetic events I've ever captured as the ideas were just flying during their Culture Hackathon. The environment was open and thoughtful as the facilitators encouraged attendees to share their ideas and photos. 

Ford Motor Co Detroit graphic recording.jpeg
Dearborn Michigan graphic recording.JPG
Graphic recording Detroit.jpeg
Graphic recording Detroit Michigan.JPG
Graphic recording Detroit Michigan.JPG

The hackathon ended in a competitive fashion with presentations and awards. It was a dynamic event filled with warm, talented folks I won't soon forget. 

For more information about graphic recording, you can reach me here