Last night was the first time Nick missed an opening but we had our trusty new intern Ashanti to help out and take photos, which was fantastic after a long day. (Nick had just wrapped a product shoot for It's American Press, this incredible new product which is going to launch a crowdfunding campaign this fall). 

Our September show, Lacuna: Life through Death is a series of mixed media, wood, metal and found object pieces by Jessica Tenbusch. Her creative identity is succinct and masterful, with pieces that seem to grow from nature themselves.

We had a really great turn out and the artist's talk gave viewers (and myself) a better understanding of how she views death as not necessarily the end of a cycle, but a resource for other living things in nature. 

As she puts it, "Lacuna is an unknown or unfilled space or interval. The distance between life and death is immeasurable, a lacuna, because they exists simultaneously as a whole. Life and death are placed into a false binary in our culture. In reality they move fluidly between one another and their surfaces come into contact and intersect at all points of space and time. People are taught to shy away from death and to think of it as “unnatural”. It is a way we culturally divide ourselves from other non-human animal species. For life to exist, death must happen. "


If you'd like to see the show or request a price list, send us an email to make an appointment. The show is up through September 30th and is an absolute must-see.