We are really happy to introduce you to Ashanti Johnson, our new intern at Chin-Azzaro! 

A couple months ago, I was making the rounds during our opening and I met a student that had ventured out on her own for the night. Ashanti struck me immediately with her knowledge, confidence (and compliments, who doesn't love hearing those?) Nick and I had coincidentally started talking about taking on an intern to learn the ropes of the studio: marketing, publicity, project timeline planning, general administrative tasks, areas we needed support as our business grew. 

After five minutes of conversation, I hired her on the spot. And to top it off, I found out she and Nick attended the same high school. It was meant to be!

Here's a short and sweet Q&A but please stop in and meet Ashanti during our next opening (which is NOT on a First Friday but rather Thursday, Sept 10th at 6 pm. Jessica Tenbusch and I will have an artist's conversation at 7 pm about her show Lacuna: Life Through Death).

CA: Who are your favorite artists, figures that inspire you? 

AJ: One of my biggest inspirations and favorite artists since I was very young has been Jean- Michel Basquiat. The themes of his art and how they inspire the viewer to see the deep truths of our society when it comes to race, class and knowledge through abstract figures and graffiti really influences a lot of my art. Some of my other favorite artist and inspirations include Frida Kahlo, Kehinde Wiley, Cree Summer and Kara Walker.

CA: What’s your major/minor and favorite classes? 

AJ: I major in graphic design and my favorite classes so far have been my 3D art classes. Although I work mostly in 2D, the classes have helped me see art in a whole new light, now I see art in literally everything.

CA: What do you do to de-stress?

AJ: Write, I've always enjoyed writing poems and short stories it helps me forget about all the stress and worries.

CA: What are your favorite things to do in Ypsi?

AJ: I love going to The Ugly Mug to grab a cup of coffee and visiting the local venues during First Fridays.

CA: What will the name of your gallery be? 

AJ: Artists On The Rise Gallery and Studios.... Or at least something like that , a place for aspiring artists to get mentored and display their art.

CA: The last word?

AJ: s an avid learner I'm so excited to intern with Chin-Azzaro and learn more things about the art world! I am so thankful to be apart of Ypsi's unique and rising art scene and I hope to make my own mark and someday help aspiring artists like myself. :)