I just found out that I get to be the auctioneer during the Art Around Town Art Auction on May 3rd! (I've worked the phone lines, calling bidders and intaking their bids, previewed shows and bid on pieces for work). I love auction culture. The competition and buzz of excitement as bids fly back and forth is unnerving, especially when you know a dealer is bidding for someone else. You never know how high something can go for when you present an item. 

For Art Around Town, we want everyone to have a fair chance to buy student pieces. The success of the event not only rests on the dollars raised, but the awareness we bring to the community about this invaluable program. 

Anyone that's ever been interested in attending an auction should definitely not be afraid to. This will be a fun and casual (but hopefully competitive) event. I'll name a starting bid and price increments will go up by $2 to $20 and up depending on the interest in each piece. I'll follow the rhythm of bids and close pieces as soon as we hit a lull of a few seconds. 

For the next two weeks I'll be sharing tips on how to bid and everything auction related. Here's a cheat sheet I created to help you get started. Good luck and I hope to see you on the 3rd!