I've had the pleasure of working with Tim Péwé (and his son Gus) multiple times now. Tim is a sculptor, welder, wood-worker, illustrator, inventor... I could keep going... Most recently I worked with Tim on one of the coldest nights of the year, in his amazing barn-turned-workspace.  Although he had his wearable wood burning stove fired up, the temp inside peaked around 45˚ (note the jackets in the pics, which were taken by Gus).

Getting approval from Tim.

Getting approval from Tim.

I've photographed many works for Tim, ranging from a larger than life skeleton to a puppet named Neandro. The objective this time: a wearable candelabra.

The shots below showcase some of the details.

Because Tim is more prolific than most artists I know, there's always something else that can be photographed. A punching bag...

Or a demon dragging a man down to hell.

I'm excited to see what's next!