Via a networking mixer and a late, late dinner, Nick and I started hanging out with Nic, the talented and multi-faceted owner of Nolas Underground Salon. (He used to be in charge of teams in the Air Force canine unit for special assignments all over the world. 'Nuff said)! 

He's been concocting his own recipe of oil goodness over the last ten years and recently launched the concept into a full fledged business with product, it's almost good enough to eat. (I've been using oil on my face and hair for a while now, and I feel like I met him at an opportune time).  With ten essential oils including lavender, patchouli and mint, this coconut base lasted for hours on my skin and made it feel softer than my baby's bottom. 

Bronston's Bitchin' Bronzer is 16 ounces of pure, all-natural, tanning oil. Nic is NOT recommending you go out and crisp yourself. On the contrary, he's all about using the product responsibly and sensibly with tons of education to share with his clients. The sun and oil have been used for thousands of years for their healing, therapeutic qualities. We can all agree that we've been missing some Vitamin D this record-breaking winter, so what better way to get some than through healthy, non-petroleum, non-toxic products? 

For now, you can purchase this handcrafted goodness at Nolas (and make appointments with Nic and his equally talented partner Dani) and later it'll be available at southeastern Michigan vendors. Be on the look out for more campaign images as we go on this bitchin' ride with them!