Last week I was approached by a medical start up group at the University of Michigan for my illustration skills. They had a work retreat and wanted it to be recorded real-time on a whiteboard. I had seen some really spectacular examples of graphic recording on youtube but never thought I would get to do it myself. I got my first taste of it yesterday and now I'm hooked! 

Much like mural work I've done in the past, it's challenging and physical. Unlike a mural where I get to take my time to measure, sketch and take my time, illustrating a talk or presentation is very different in that I have to synthesize the information immediately and make it consumable in a visually interesting way. 

It took me a little time to get started but the ideas were flying and I got some great illustrative ideas down. See for yourself. 

If you have a work, group or corporate retreat you need graphic recording for, shoot me an email