-N- and I have made a big push to support and buy from local businesses since we've been back. In doing so we've met some wonderful store owners including Marsana Lovell at Jordan Lovell Picture Framing. During our first visit we were immediately taken with the inviting interior and endless selection of frames. Situated at 155 East Hoover Ave. (at Brown Street) it's a short jaunt from the Big House. Originating out of a basement of Ypsilanti in 1958, it moved to its current location in 1968. In 1986, Marsana was a customer at the shop when she was offered a position to work there. After accepting the post, she found herself manager within months and since 2000, full time owner where she's been present every step of the way. As she puts it, "A frame shop won't support an absentee owner." From naming it after her whippet (may sweet Jordan rest in peace) to ordering dinners in late to finish orders, Marsana along with store manager Loretta Motsinger have prided themselves in offering consistent and superior service every step of the way. That's why the store has continued to thrive from word-of-mouth despite little internet presence.

The shop gets lots of return business including the University of Michigan and local collectors of fine art and art objects. We had no idea that so much handwork was involved with framing as Marsana and Loretta talked about sewing jerseys and other delicate weavings and cross-stitches. They've framed everything from President Obama's honorary degree certificate to a lobster (yes, you read that right) to a hole-in-one golfball. These ladies are creative problem-solvers to say the least!

Recently they framed a print by Op artist, Julian Stanczak and are currently working on multiple orders including two large Australian aboriginal paintings.

"There's a sentimental value attached to these things...you buy work because you like it, so treat it well," says Marsana.   "Framing the item completes it, many times making it look better than it ever could have on its own." We totally agree.

Stop in any time for their expertise and warm service. For your framing needs, call Jordan Lovell Picture Framing at 734-769-2120.