Many times in life I've interacted with people that show up to work or class, and do exactly just enough to get by. They usually do what's required, but that's it. There seems to be no drive or personality in their actions. Brijit Spencer is currently an art student at the University of Michigan's School of Art and Design. Her interest is photography, which she has a firm understanding of, as well as some drawing and painting. It's photography, though, that she'd like to pursue, post graduation. It's no surprise that some of her favorites include Sally Mann, Nan Goldin and Diane Arbus. Her work, past and current, seems an ongoing documentary of the life she knows and is getting to know. Among other photos in her Integrative Project (which can be seen here) are two photos of a boy and his Halloween candy. Both images hold innocence, but the first leaves the viewer wondering if the slight frown worn by the child is just a random moment or in response to an unwanted request. The other photo perfectly captures the subordinate eyes of the child, as a piece of candy hangs in the balance. People are capable of acting out these emotions, but for a child this age, staged photos are extremely rare. The credit here is due to Brijit.

These images represent only a slice of her photography and style, and it's safe to say that as a student who is set to graduate in a few months, she has little free time. Yet somehow she is doing something that few students do: she's reaching out to people before graduation.

It's never too late for anything, BUT if you have the chance to contact potential employers and/or artists you admire before entering the fast paced real world, do so. Good grades and solid work are definitely good things, but they don't always set you apart. Be aggressive, be persistent. Simply put: be like Brijit.

More of Brijits work can be seen here.