It's been a funny month. I had been so anxious to spend a real Autumn in Ann Arbor unlike the hurried ones in the City. I wanted to watch the leaves prepare themselves for slumber, corners tucked in neatly as they descended toward the ground. The smell of near-fermented piles of earth mixed with fresh cut grass lingering before the final mow of the year. And yet, with the start of the company and an endless list of tasks, I feel like a great renewal has recharged the both of us and given us purpose here. I don't fear the holidays and the lull. Instead, I see it as a challenge to challenge others and their notions about what can be started and when. The end of the year is not a time for relenting and making imaginary resolutions for the upcoming year. Rather, I see it as an opportunity to learn something. Much like every other day of the year. Happy Autumn, everyone.