90% of the time I'm talking about how important lighting is to photography. Today I'd like to spotlight something that's necessary in every well lit (and even some not so well lit) photographs: composition. 

Composition gives the photographer the ability to guide the viewer through their work. Composition also allows for infinite possibilities for any one subject. For example, nobody else in the world sees things exactly the same way you do (so take the picture!).

Sometimes it's as simple as shifting the camera up to cut off the parking lot below the lights. 

Or it can be a collection of existing objects that create interesting and/or abstract shapes.

Sometimes it's mathematical, like dividing the image into even parts (halves, thirds, quarters, etc). 

Yet another example is the coming together of many elements, like bright street lights, moving clouds and cast shadows.

There are endless ways to compose amazing photographs, so stop reading and go shoot.